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  2. First Plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats on the great finds!!
  3. Found.....V.M.I button

    WTG!! Real nice prize. Cherish it always.
  4. Which Detector is Better???

    I get asked alot about which detector is better? I always try to give unbiased advice based on my experience with many different brands through the years and this is my conclusion and simple to understand: In any given situation one might outhunt the other, but in my 30 yrs. experience it's...
  5. U.S. Belt Buckle Found!!

    Thought this might spread some holiday cheer and warmth on those bitter cold days.
  6. American Pickers and the new Etracs

    Great story and great pics. Thanks for sharing!
  7. New Vid just for the coinshooter!!

    I really love that small coil. You have to sacrifice depth but in the really trashy areas you can't hardly hunt with the big coils. Just for the guys and gals in the frozen areas I'll try to do a little extra detecting vids this winter.
  8. New Vid just for the coinshooter!!

    Hope you enjoy!!
  9. Found CSA Buckle Today

    Very Nice!!
  10. North Carolina Treasure Found!!

    I've been doing it a long time, and I've never hit one. Rule #6: Always dig wider on all sides than the pinpoint.
  11. North Carolina Treasure Found!!
  12. "Silver King"

    "Silver King" Someone wanted to see what a 7 inch silver dime sounds like so here gos. Loud and Clear!

    I found them around 50 yds apart in a camp I stumbled into. Last spring I found a CSA button, 2 confederate cavalry buttons, some eagle buttons, and a multitude of mini balls. These finds were in no way easy because I've dug tons of trash to find the treasure. I'll be hunting here for years, and...

    These babies are Hot and Fresh!!
  15. Tested medium gold ring at 5 inches with V3i -MXT - QXT and Tejon

    Nice! I posted V3i "Good as Gold". Check it out. Also on you're test, you hear "it" with the Tejon but no display. So if you hear "it" with the V3, that's the proper comparison. If you compare display info you should compare it to another detector with display. Displays become unreliable at...