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  • Thank you for helping me with the knife!I still don't know how some of you guys find out stuff so fast.thanks joe
    Thank you for the work you did identifying the overall clip, it was a nice find on the day because we had done a lot of panning and only had a few specks of the yellow stuff.
    Cheers Anne
    Thanks for helping me ID in the "What Is It" of the Souvenir of the Christian Endeavor convention in Boston in 1895 that I dug near Boston!
    Hello, this is Vern Icanhelpasap is my handle. Just wanted to pick your brain as to how I might get on the right path to identification of tokens and coins? That same wallet that yielded the silver coin gave me a gift of a old very small possibly gold coin. I spent the last week searching but no avail. So I am hoping you could help. Vern
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Simplex Metal Detector

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