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  1. for the birds

    female black headed Grosbeak. thought it was a rose breasted 'til this am when the male showed up. purple finch, red bellied woodpecker, family of chickadees. requisite cardinals. funny what caught my attention this am was a call I wasn't instantly familiar with. Turned out it was a male...
  2. large perforator?

    possibly began life similarly but at this point there are no cutting edges This piece has more backbone and is thicker than the Kerrville. Tip is broken off. I'll show pic in x section. Also was not found anywhere near the Brazos??? as stated in OP it was found in Brown County. finding a little...
  3. do you have the patience ???

    Oh, yeah Pete. The locals cringe when the tourists have to drive over the bridges (like to St. George Island) at about 30 in a 55 to see the sunrise and set. happy trails
  4. Quick Hunt After Work

    ya can't beat a day like that. Very productive. I started puttin' on my cheaters (walmart specials with 1.75 magnification) now the ground is closer and very small stuff is way clearer.
  5. What The Rock?

    could be one end of a bow drill set up. just a wag.
  6. large perforator?

    too bad the tip is missing. This is the largest one I've ever come across. from our place in Brown County.
  7. Eagle still flies...

    you are livin' large my friend. I can just taste all the fresh from here. Bravo
  8. do you have the patience ???

    I sure as heck DO NOT. this old world is too full of morons and idiots. to wit: there are two lanes here and the large brained individual in front of me has decided to occupy both lanes simultaneously. The traffic is at a red light all are stopped. no one is making a lane change or ? Who the...
  9. Howdy from east tx

    welcome stranger. a few hows things in white rock creek?
  10. at bird feeder early this am

    Try putting it right outside your kitchen window.
  11. at bird feeder early this am

    hey Prof...they sure don't want to share that,s a fact
  12. at bird feeder early this am

    thanks to gunsil,dts52, Ronwoodcraft, tamrock, HCW, Kray gelder also, you guys are appreciated.
  13. at bird feeder early this am

    good looking feeder coin pirate.
  14. at bird feeder early this am

    Thanks creskol. It's a good thing he can't fly.
  15. at bird feeder early this am

    good job Todd's Point. You got the whole flock.