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  • Yes, I have it in a display with my Banner Finds: Slave Trade Bracelet and NC Staff Officer's button. It was amazing how well it turned out. :)
    One of the first posts I saw when I first got on Treasurenet was the Sambo toy gun that you found. I am amazed at the find and the condition that it was brought back to. Did you end up keeping in for display?
    Hello Breezie! I feel you are very knowledgable and was wondering if you could take a look at my two threads. They are under "What is it?"... And it is the mysterious carved nugget and mysterious carved nugget 2. Hoping you can figure it out or give some insight!? Thank you in advance for your time! AB
    Dear Sir
    Do minelab make SD 2200D metal detector yet?
    I need an original of this detector.
    I can not buy this detector in my country. Because it is not here.
    Please help me.
    Can you buy this detector for me?
    If yes, please send to me his price.
    Warm Regards
    Thanks Breezie !!! Again you rock and I look forward to a good friendship ... So do have a question knowing I'm new to this 4 months in ...I have done pretty good I think but what are my best chances of finding a barber quarter or dime living in northern KY.. I know its a strange question but you said you have been doing metal detecting for years so I figured you might have some hints for me or good Idea's :) ...Thanks again and if you ever need anything let me know :)
    MyrtleBeach, hopefully I'll have some time this evening to go look. Thanks for posting more pics! :)
    Hey MyrtleBeach, thanks for the shout out. I haven't been to TNet in a week because this is one of the busiest times of the year for me. I'll pop over and see if I can help with your button. :)
    Hi Breezie. Someone recommended your name in helping with identifying a button I recently found. It is listed under the "what is it thread". The title is "Help Identify button with white glass top". Any help would be great! Thanks
    thank you breezie for identifying that item and the hairpin part for me. sorry for getting to you so late.
    Thanks R&C jensen
    Hi Breezie, glad to see a familiar face. I have been off my feet for a few months due to some worn out hips and some other ailments. I had to change my name before I could log in and I have been fighting it for a month or so and still couldn't log in so I finally changed my name to Onus (representing all the trouble I had). I see a lot of new names, but familiar style of posting so I think maybe it wasn't just me? Anyway I'm back and trying to regain my strength so I can get back to detecting. Take care. Onus (Monty)
    As for the quote" We did they all just love us so much they had to move here! "Just aint fittin I tell ya,it aint fittin" Mamie'
    Breezie, I am the caretaker of the Hope Plantation, in Windsor N.C., am looking someone to help me hunt this property, it is a 1803 1000 acre plantation.wondering how close you are?
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