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  1. Costume Jewelry-Button Hooks-Need Jewelry Seeds?

    As far as the costume jewelry is concerned, if someone will pay the shipping, it's yours. I hate to toss it, but it's Spring Cleaning time. Southern Smiles, Breezie
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Is this an old shoe buckle and does anybody have any idea if this other thing was a musical instrument?

    Hey, Yes, DC Matt (Hey Buddy! :) ) is correct. It's half of a Deco lady's sashe buckle. Nice finds, Breezie
  3. Costume Jewelry-Button Hooks-Need Jewelry Seeds?

    Hey Y'all, Long time, no type, but I'm still hanging in like a loose tooth! LOL I was cleaning out some of my MD bags and came across these items. I was wondering if anyone would like them to 'seed' an area for a hunt or would like them for whatever. If so, shoot me a private message...
  4. What is this?

    Hello, It appears to be an oil lamp shade holder. I'll search the patent and will post the link whenever I locate it. By chance, is the patent number stamped on it? Nice Find :) Breezie
  5. ✅ SOLVED Thought on what this may be?

    Hello ERFranks, I agree with the majority in that it is a pocket knife, but to be more specific, it appears to be a Victorian embossed, folding 'Fruit Knife.' The cases were made of metal, and they were generally embossed with some type of fancy motif. Yours maybe an early one because it...
  6. Found in Tenn. WWII U.S. Army training camp

    Quindy, I think I figured out the 'AS' mark. It could be for Amber Star Signal Parachute as shown here. With the 'tail,' yours would measure 10 inches. It would be model M21A1. Here's a pic of the Amber Star Parachute Signal Flare Here's a pic of the White Star Parachute Signal Flare...
  7. Lead Bottle? Please help identify.

    Hello P, Welcome to the Forum! Judging by the inconsistency of the neck and shoulders plus being pitted, it appears to be 'Mama Made.' Besides a personal Holy Water bottle, it could have also been made to hold perfume. Perhaps some gent made it for 'sweets' for his sweetie. As far as...
  8. Found in Tenn. WWII U.S. Army training camp

    Hey Q, First of all, I'm glad to hear you're out and about swingin' the MD. I'm not the WW2 person, so hopefully some of the experts will weigh in on it. They look somewhat like parachute flares, but I think most of those were smaller than 6 inches. Southern Smiles :) Breezie
  9. Can Anyone help me identify?

    Hello Sheri, We need more photos, and close-ups would be better. I'd like to see the top of the jewel end, and the bottom end of the center piece with the chains moved to the side/out of the way. Have you looked at the back of every single piece to see if there is a Hallmark? Does the top...
  10. Mystery Item

    Hey Faithalone, Whatever it is, it looks 'mammy made,' which could be used for anything that needs air or straining. Judging by the size and the folded edge, it could be a panel in a Pie Safe door. Welcome to the Forum! Southern Smiles :) Breezie
  11. Why does this look like a raw diamond to me?

    Hey, Sit it on the small newspaper print, and if you can clearly read through it, it could be a diamond. Also, try the hardness test. Neat find :) Breezie
  12. A personal message to the What-Is-It? forum

    Pete, I'm glad you're feeling better, and hopefully you'll be 'fine as frog hairs' soon. Take care, Southern Smiles :) Breezie
  13. ✅ SOLVED Can you help identify this medal?

    Back-at-cha Creskol :) I hope you've been well . . .I've been a hermit trying to stay away from the 'Coronas!' And it looks like it might even be a virtual Christmas this year. :) Breezie
  14. ✅ SOLVED Can you help identify this medal?

    Hey Creskol :) It has an Asian look to me. Is that a broken hinge at 12 o' clock? Southern Smiles :) Breezie
  15. Might be my last walk

    Gary, Wooooo Hoooooo on the Civil War Union breastplate . . .GREAT find!!! The other stuff 'ain't too shabby either!' As soon as the weather warms up a little, I'd be headed back to that same field. Congratulations & Way to go!!! Southern Smiles :) Breezie