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  1. Tiny Spigot.

    Here is an older key I found. The other is the smallest spigot I have found, to bad it was broken, all the same a nice peace of history from years back, and we find it.2021
  2. Deus stolen

    My friend had his detector in his car, he had just stopped to check out a site, he came back and this peace of crap stole his detector. People are desperate for a fix these days, they burn cars in our city, this really sucks. Some one needs a reality check.
  3. A couple bells.

    Here are a couple nice bells. The kids used to break these brass jingle bells just for the steal ball.
  4. Token book.

    I have this book on tokens, there are 800 pages, if anyone is interested in it send me a private message.
  5. Interesting back mark.

    Yes the face is plain, any button with an eagle is a welcome find. Cheers.
  6. Interesting back mark.

    Thanks Don for the great tip, cheers.
  7. Interesting back mark.

    Found this button a while back, I like the design another field find.
  8. Is this civil war.

    It came from a 1850s cabin site that was used up to maybe 1900, it is possible a car emblem. It is the size of a silver dollar.
  9. Is this civil war.

    I found this today in a field in Canada, do you think it could be civil war. It looks like it has 9 stars?
  10. Have you ever seen one like this?

    Found at an older tavern site.
  11. A couple more finds.

    You never know what you might find next.
  12. A couple finds from over the years.

    I tries to post several, I will post them in a couple at a time.
  13. A couple items of no interest, unless you relic hunt!

    I love relic hunting, old ghost towns, 1845-1865 town. These can make a good display that will draw peoples interest. Here are several service finds.
  14. A display.

    Here is one of my displays I put together a while back. I was out today and never got to much. HH a couple more pictures.