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  1. Not 800 finds Silver And Gold!

    Great finds :) Congrats
  2. 1802 draped bust, deer cuff link

    Nice finds :) congrats
  3. ❎ SOLD Garrett AT Pro and Teknetics Omega 8000

    I bought the AT Pro and got it today. It was well packed, It works great, everything looks great and just like new. I would eat off any of it. Very well pleased with the sale. I think it is important to let people know about someone who was straight up and honest in his selling on here...
  4. Amazing big silver hunt at the Governor's house!

    Nice nice and nice finds :) Homework paid off :) Congrats of the amazing finds :)
  5. Always consider this my best

    Newest one was a 1976 I could find in pile, oldest 61. It is in it's own display case now
  6. Always consider this my best

    Replied to wrong person lol Meant for you right above :)
  7. Always consider this my best

    If you get your detector over a large metal target it will say overload if it has a display screen and beep pretty loud
  8. Always consider this my best

    Drove a hour or so to hunt a beach right at daylight.... Saw one of those sand cleaning machines going back and forth. Figured nothing to find but decided to hunt anyway. Found some trash and a coin here or there but nothing of value. Then about an hour in my machine goes nuts and...
  9. In memory of my wife Ellen

    Praying for you
  10. In Memory of FloridaBill - TNet Member

    Helped me a lot and I have a BHID that was his, great man and saddened to read of his passing :(
  11. In Memory of Juanmoretime (Steve Dupuy) ~ TNet Member

    Always thought of and missed greatly,
  12. Intact Pocket Watch with Fob Found Metal Detecting

    Great discovery :) Very cool find Congrats
  13. 1814 Awesome Token, also Buttons, Relics

    Great pics and digs. Etrac is a fine machine :) Congrats on your finds and look forward to seeing more from there
  14. 1700s farm gives up more!

    Wow Your on a great spot to find some cool stuff....Congrats on what you already recovered :)
  15. I found these yesterday.

    I am sure you made out much better than the 35 cents when you got home :) Congrats on the silver