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  1. What are these holes???

    Believe it was an underground ant colony.
  2. Fisher f75 over the f70

    Good explanation on ur experience, should be very helpful.
  3. Fisher f75 over the f70

    F75 are better. My bro had one and it was a very reliable and very deep machine. Especially in boost
  4. If you can't find em...

    Tons of old resorts here in Arkansas. Matter fact one is 5 minutes from my house that is all grown up in woods now. And 2 others are an hour in the opposite direction.
  5. Small rectangular plate

    Lol must be from RC's personal collection.[emoji6]
  6. Small rectangular plate

    Lol every blue moon it happens
  7. Small rectangular plate

    Thank god I'm native american kinda gives me a leg up on native finds lol
  8. Small rectangular plate

    My man AARC exactly what I was explaining. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  9. If you can't find em...

    Good collection bud, it all depends on where ur at geographically on what you can and will find. I have traveled with my bro across the country and you get into places that were highly active and find nothing or you go where population is under 500 and find some amazing coins. Remember if you go...
  10. Small rectangular plate

    Your welcome
  11. Small rectangular plate

    It looks like a trinket from an old leather bracelet from a Navajo or Apache gift shop.
  12. Four 1959 pennies

    That's awesome. I love old pennies.
  13. Four 1959 pennies

    That's nuts. I was detecting earlier this year and found a 41,42,44, 45 wheat penny lol
  14. Four 1959 pennies

    Where did u get them at