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    Who is Swift's Father in law? Has Swift been pinpointed to a specific individual, that we can make a family tree for?
  2. Indian waybill to Swift Mines (Revisited)

    The crane at Caney is actually on the Little Sandy. Little Caney and big candy come together at the boat dock. They run together for a ways then meet the Little Sandy. The crane carving is or should say was located down stream on Little Sandy. It's almost gone, gotta use your imagination to...
  3. Thought I’d share

    Thanks for sharin, EC Mason
  4. munday

    According to Boomer, Mundays name was carved on a rock at Caney Creek below some carvings of hands. I havent seen these myself. If I'm rememberin right he told me all this was on the buffalo rock.

    His rabbit hole is pretty deep to, I read he was in the CIA LSD trials, with or same program as Whitey Bulger. They got time cut off their sentence for being experimented on.
  6. Assay Report. Thought some might like to see what one looks like.

    Congrats Ken S. Hope you get it all and it's enough to make money 1 less thing to worry about for you and yours.
  7. What is it? Found Elliott couunty

    Any progress on identifying your finch sheepherder?
  8. What is it? Found Elliott couunty

    Hey Herder read the Swift Silver? post, it's long and all over the place, but for the most part crazy interesting. It has many many references to our area throughout the whole article. It has pictures and finds from the area as well.
  9. Swift Silver??

    It was creek before the dam, and at fall/winter pool, it becomes a creek, or at least impassable by anything except kayak or johnboat.
  10. What is it? Found Elliott couunty

    I'm assuming the pieces are all made from one source, or at least a group of mines in the same local. Indian mines, French, Spanish, possibly Swift.
  11. Swift Silver??

    To accomadate boat traffic, there's a boat ramp just above the line of rocks.
  12. What is it? Found Elliott couunty

    Hey Sheep herder I've spent alot of time in the Caney area. I've got several pieces that I've found, and have had them tested. Results show that my pieces haven't been refined yet. They were mostly Zinc, lead and Antimony with percentages of silver in the teens. Hopefully yours will have higher...
  13. Swift Silver??

    Its interesting. What stands out to me is how Caney splits and runs through the inlet above the horseshoe bend, which it no longer does.
  14. Swift Silver??

    I had never ran across this map till recently it is pre dam.
  15. Swift Silver??

    Yep that's the area Curtis but It wasn't satellite photos, the photos were from a plane. Army corps and USGS photos.