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  1. Notka/Makro Legend Video

  2. Wireless bluetooth headphones (LOUD)

    Take a look at these. I use them for my Nox 600 as back ups, pair right up, loud and identical to the Original Minelab wireless.
  3. Cheap wireless headphones

    I ordered these headphones from amazon for my Equinox 600, the cost was $32.99, work really good, no lag, pair up right away and are a cheap alternative as a backup. Anybody else use these headphones? 1Mii Long Range Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones with aptx Low Latency, Bluetooth Headphones
  4. Simplex Update 4/17/2020 Is Here

    Go to Simplex+ | Nokta Makro Metal Detectors Then software updates
  5. Does Anyone Sell the Equinox For Less Than $899.00 ???

    Get the 15% Veterans discount and open credit card with $200 reward for spending $500 and BAM save $335 dollars on your purchase.
  6. Black lines on LCD screen when turning off the Simplex

    I just got home from work and saw your post, my mistake vertical lines, I will check outside tomorrow if I finish before dark
  7. Black lines on LCD screen when turning off the Simplex

    I just got my tonight and set it up in the house, I did notice the lines when I turned it off, I thought it was because I was in the house and would see if it continued tomorrow when I try it outside. The horizontal lines are definitely there when the machine is shut down, it did it more than once.
  8. Bluetooth earbuds that pair separately work with Equinox?

    Has anybody tried these?
  9. West coast use???

    I am also on the west coast (central coast) and use of the Multi-Kruser (include the racer2) on the beach in wet sand or the water is a no go. I totally agree with the fact that it is awesome at the park, schools or dry sand, but the Anfibio is only a Multi-Kruser and a Impact rolled into one...
  10. Makro Kruzer Wet Sand/Salt Water woes

    You are 100% correct, the Multi-Kruzer and you can include the Racer2 are terrible when in the wet sand or the water. I am on the central coast and at some beaches I can not even ground balance the detector, even after the update and in the beach mode. I have the exact same problems no matter...
  11. Rubber boot cover for coil input socket

    I have been watching Kruzer video's and noticed that the search coil input socket in the video has a thick rubber boot covering the connector. Does this come with the detector or is it a add on accessory.
  12. Kruzer charger problems or what ??

    WOW I swapped out the black U.S.plug with my plug from my racer 2 battery charger and it works I see the icon flashing now (Thanks Hookedondetecting), Makro take note, dont go cheap on anything, U.S. plug adapter, cheap coil cover, you heard and replaced those cheap wired head phones on the...
  13. Kruzer charger problems or what ??

    I received my Kruzer on Thursday. The Kruzer came with battery fully charged, I used that evening and the next morning. That morning when I returned home after using the Kruzer for around 3 hours total detecting time, I connected the battery adapter with U.S. adapter plugged in and connected to...