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  • Hey..great buckles!! Do you know the date for the little one on the right in the middle..3 from the top and 3 from the bottom? Thanks!
    Thanks for the note...just polished off a 20 pounder and getting ready to sit back with the wife and relax...

    Unfortunately our propane gas tank (250 gal) ran out just as we were putting on the finishing touches...might not get a hot shower in the morning or heat in the old vicky tonite...:laughing7:

    Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving as well...a very special day
    Wow, that's a lot. You're either in an old prominent spot or you're putting a lot of th time. Must be a thrill.
    Hope the fruits of your labors have been prosperous; was wondering how many shield nickels you have found? They only made em a few years and I finally found one , it has rays believe it's 1867
    Hey b.b. what more did you find out about your planter's bank piece. Just curious, haven't seen one with side by side counter stamps. You gonna write up a story for American digger or western and eastern treasure mag.?
    :hello:Hey BuckleBoy! Where are you located in LA? I am located in the Port Allen area next to Baton Rouge! Drop me a note if you have the opportunity! Thanks! VERDE!!
    Hey BuckleBoy, I was reading your post on how to clean off iron relics and was curious about that stove leg you showed as an example. Today I found a an old cook stove, in pieces unfortunately but spent a good deal of time finding most of the parts, almost had the whole stove top put together. It was made by A. Geisel MFG Co. of St. Louis and stamped: No. 126 on the stove top. I don't know anything about old cook stoves, couldn't find a pic on-line of ANY Geisel cook stoves. Did find some info that the Andrew Geisel started the company up in 1852 but not much else. I had walked quite a ways to the site and there was no way I could carry it all with me so left it where I found it and only brought back a piece with the company name stamped on it.....your thoughts?
    That is First Rate! I love Spanish Silver so that is music to my ears my friend! It is worth the few targets like you said, as long as the Spanish is still flowing. I'm back from DIV now so if I missed your post last week it was because I was up in Culpeper without a computer. I'll be on the lookout for Shane's post tomorrow. In the meantime, I posted my DIV finds earlier, check them out if you want....didn't do too bad. Okay buddy, will talk to you tomorrow!

    hdmech, please send me a link to the post. I am having trouble finding things around here lately.
    Hey buck, I was so stoked to come across another cool button yesterday. I also have a lead clown from the same location. I was just wanting a little input from a pro. I used your method of cleaning and I think I am getting better at it. I have a post of the button just( CSA button}, you have to go thru all the pages to see the last pics. The lead figurine is in a post by itself, I think it is made from bullets ( can you possibly make it out) I have a couple pics not posted but show bullets next to it and the line up perfect. I dont know if they did this sort of thing or not. This is my first two peice button and I am stoked. Hope you like it
    Hey thanks man. We are hungry for Spanish #10 from this site and #11 for the year so far. :) Well, I can live with the changes. See my reply in Crusader's post.
    What do you think, Buck? Like the new Tnet? That is a killer Spanish silver from Diggergirl. You guys are raking it all in.

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