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  • The closest mine name located to farm was probably the Lookadoo mine it might have been a part of that mine. This name was mentioned in the history books and was mentioned in one of our old deeds as adjoining our property where the mining took place. Have been leasing some short time by the month to prospectors & dredgers. Would possibly like to lease to a group a section of the creek or land and have someone in charge who lives close enough to watch after it, I don't want to be tied up on a daily or weekend rental to individuals. If not will possibly continue to lease to individuals or twosomes by the month and they choose a spot to dredge and that is theirs exclusively as long as they pay lease & abide by rules.
    Hi Buckshotnc,

    Do you know the name of the mine on your property? Or the gps coordinates?

    What do you want to do with the property?
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Steve's Detector Rods

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