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  • BuffaloBob, I sent you an email so that you could have mine but I have not been previously approved. Now I completely understand and would wonder if I would allow Dave to be a buddy myself. If I wasn't Dave anyway. lolol

    Here is my addy if you want it nonetheless.

    Dave44 thanks friend. This past week I've done a bit more digging into gov't corruption and coverups. And got overwhelmed. I fear we are like the the slaves in ancient Egypt. We supply the manpower and generate massive wealth used to keep us enslaved. This will be my last election. I wish there were something I could do to hurt "them" and hopefully the White Hats in the gov't will somehow get control. Right now I don't see it happening. Good luck Friend... :)
    Bob Snare
    Broomfield Colorado
    I saw the post and appreciated it. I knew that it would not stay up because it doesn't conform to the treasure hunters political view.

    I am still looking at it and glad you posted it. I am going to add you as a friend. Good luck to you and I.
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