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  • dawg, if youve been following this forum since 2009, you should PM jeff & ask if he can change your registration date to 09. it'd be worth a shot, 2009 vs 2011, big difference in terms of experience.
    Sorry about the bold letters again, it won't happen again buff, you are 1 of my favorite posters didn't mean to start any arguments.
    Hey Tom, i found 3 of your coins in one box. Buffalo Boy on one side and the date(1-13)on the other. All were silver plated.
    Hey i can't get a room but if my friend wants to go down i will go to ac today. I am trying to call him now i will let you know soon.I would be down there about ??2
    I think 500oz should be easily attainable, so that's my goal. I found almost 200oz from CWR alone last year, so...
    I think i found 2 of your coins?? buff boy on one side and the date on the other side??
    dawg i got one silver 40 percenta this week out of one box (I cut down my volume) I'm pretty happy but could be better
    Hey Buff, just got back from my CRH vacation/break, now started off fresh with 3 penny boxes, the results and pics are coming today in my log. Sorry for a long time not responding to your messages. Now, I'm back to madness!:headbang:
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