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  • Am not mad i think its funny. Yes sir ree your a funny guy. How many did you do??? The coin is very dirty and gray looking. I did the 2 boxes and still found nothing thats 6 boxes. If you want to get boxes from there i could careless. Go for it!!
    Hey that was funny seeing you friday. I got the coins from the magnet!! Big hand full...
    Try dumping in Canada and see if it works!
    How about exchanging 500$ in clad to 20 penny boxes across the 10 branches?
    I did yellow in ac thats all i will ever do from now on. I want to see if i get them back.....I did about 4000 there ???yellow green blend mostly yellow.
    Am going to ac sat noon time getting $1400 to play!! can you come down?? Leave your cash home. Hows that phone doing?? Am going to that bank about?? 200 oclock I would bring the funny money so you could look at it!!
    Hello Tom ac was good i got $580 I got a lot of my painted halfs this week. I dumped some green ones in ac this week end. 200 coin week pretty good. Thats 10 oz better then last week.
    AM WATCHING WHALE WARS SORRY FOR CAPS. I hate emails the phone is so easy.
    I ordered more boxes this week?? About 45 will see you never know. I dumped i ac this week end $6500.00 10 were bags of $500 very easy.
    Hah, I remember that stuff, hilarious :laughing7:. A pack of sprayed cheetos on those halves or marking really got people angry. I just can't stop laughing, because that picture really got me feel hungry.
    "Smells like oranges"<- I'm under the table :laughing9:
    Give me a call?? Thats a good start. Ac is best.Am there every week end. I have lots of time to kill. The coins i marked ? You can't miss them. THEY ARE VERY ORANGE!!!!!!! Where is your friend?? Am going to post a picture soon what they look like. The new bags i got are the best!
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