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    new finds
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    new finds
  4. Hallmark help, please someone, anyone.....

    A thousand times apologize for the late thank you!!!! Completely didnt see your response until right now? So...thank you!!!
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    Found in a old coffee can in a 1900's house that is being cleaned out
  6. Buttons ID Help

    Third photo the dark button .. Could you photo that one alone? I saw one i think like it the other day on a display for a button group near me. Others, decieving as they are, common clothing/jacket. But some are actually designer collectibles still!!
  7. Tons 'O Buttons and a few thimbles

    Put a black light on those green buttons.. I'd like to see what happens if you don't mind?? :) High five to that find!
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    levi button find
  9. New Find!

    you are hired as my eyes! lol i lost my glasses and squinting obviously is not working out for me!
  10. New Find!

    It is a button, "shot gun rifle" but i do not know the two symbols on each side. I have a large collection of remington buttons, but do not think this one is related
  11. New Find!

  12. Found in a box of sewing stuff and several other unexpected buttons to log into my collection, on the hunt for info for them tonight. What a geek, huh

    The best thing about spending the weekend with my Nana was...diving into those button tins and with my dads dye cast toys from when he was a kid. It disgusts me how fast generation lazy and careless has taken over this world. I raised my two daughters, (21 & 23 now), to appreciate everything...
  13. button finds in TN

    button finds in TN

    vintage buttons im researching for more info
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