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  1. Help identifying if Louis Vuitton is real

    The wallet did not come from the factory, Deadaman came across the wallet in some other manner, so if stitches are loose it’s unknown how the wallet was handled by the previous owner. I can’t see the photo very well, the stitching should be uniform, straight and all the same length, you will...
  2. Torque converters are freaking heavy

    Just emptying any piece of equipment will not clean out the interior 100% resulting in pollution. If you’re concerned about the water quality of our lakes and oceans, I am wondering why you would suggest that Magnet Angler use a torque converter with residual transmission fluid still in it for a...
  3. New member from Roseville, California

    Welcome to the forum. I’m in Yuba City just up the 99 from you...what brand of detector did you purchase?
  4. Garage sale find!

    Now if you both have the exact same model metal detector, that would be amazing,,,,
  5. Any Northern California Treasure Hunters Out There?

    I go out gold prospecting, but there are relics in the area; If you’re interested in detecting with me, send me a DM or an email and we can discuss it
  6. northern california

    Marz, the sluice sounds like a very nice setup, you didn’t mention any breathing gear, masks or wet suits; are you going to use a hooker to prospect? With no breathing equipment, you’ll be restricted to the banks where for years before you metal detectors and gold panners have been searching for...
  7. Hello From Northern California

    Welcome Apple Pie, I’m from No Cal myself
  8. Hello from Northern California

    Devidog, Georgia is a wonderful part of the United States to uncover the artifacts reliving the history of the country... here in California, except for the buried old west relics all we have here in the ground is gold
  9. Hello from Northern California

    Thanks A2Coins, ill try to be as good at posting as you are....

    First you need a very good metal detector, and just as important... you need women to go with you, at least two; one to carry the chair and rub your feet when you are tired. The second woman to make your lunch, after all... you don’t want the woman that’s rubbing your feet to handle your food...
  11. Knee Pad Recommendations

    Jeff; The Velcro straps slide down as well, the difference is that you can adjust the Velcro straps in small increments for comfort as opposed to the set to lose - set to tight spacing of the rubber straps
  12. Whats up with the Dozer Dave show?

    Thanks firebird, i didn’t know about the online feature....
  13. Hello from Northern California

    Thank You A2 coins, Hawks88, Smithsgold, Firemanphob
  14. Knee Pad Recommendations

    Hello Jeff, Lining up both sides of the Velcro when you put the pads on before you start to wander the wilderness will prevent dirt and leaves from getting between the material. Velcro allows you to adjust the pads for comfort, I have found the holes in the rubber version are either very loose...