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  • The amphibians are not waterproof correct? The Ghosts are? If you are around Tortola I will give you the guys number to look for the ring I want a finders fee and written agreement, the wreck that's there I don't care for the ring that's another deal, the wife lost the glasses same time and I found those so the ring must be close!
    Dear BVI Hunter- I love to MD on beaches in New England, and we are heading to the BVIs for boating vacation. I was considering bringing my MD for casual breach combing but don't know the laws there. No underwater hunting. Just guessing by your name you may know, but if not, can you direct me? Thanks! SJB
    BVI, The silence is deafening!! Hope all's well with you and yours. Don't know you from Adam but truly hope you and your latest findings are safe and sound.
    I hope the banter on "Does coral beep?" didn't run you off, I think it was all meant in good fun.
    May your tanks always have another ten minutes and the sun shine on your back.
    AKA COASTCOMBER. South Padre Island Texas
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