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  1. Fan's Roman Site Day 4 - Metal Working Site Day 23 - CELTIC GOLD...

    Big shoutout to Cru'dad, you guys are tearing it up this year!
  2. Union Pacific Token & Relics

    Nice site and digs!
  3. 🥇 BANNER 1914D!! Wheat at Grandmas's after Silver hunt😁

    Nice find, those are pretty rare to dig! Congrats on the banner!
  4. Awesome new find! Gold guilded artillery 2 piece button. Need help with best cleamimg conditions for the gold guild ?

    Start with lemon juice, that typically brings the gold gilt to life. If it has crud encrusted on it, lemon juice may still work, but if it's really encrusted you may have to go to more agressive methods (like Naval Jelly). Don't clean it with a brush under water, that can leave them in bad shape.
  5. Return trip Trime

    Nice job, love the trime! If you got that with your Equinox, do you recall what the TID# was?
  6. 1770’s silver 1/2r on a mid-winter thaw

    Nice finds, love the buckle!
  7. First time out with the Equinox 800 and my heart almost stopped!!!

    Congratulations, welcome to the silver dollar club :goldtrophy: I've been fortunate to dig three, one in a coin spill with 13 other old coins, one was pretty beat up from a ghost town dump, the other was super deep and also found with an EQX800 in an old long forgotten rail road depot in the...
  8. Scratch one off the bucket list!!

    What a find! Congrats!
  9. 1700s coin spill! Fugios, 2-Reale, and Draped Bust!

    Killer Colonial coin spill, congrats :thumbsup:
  10. Finds from 1850’s Seminole war fort site this year

    Love it, some great history saves!! Is the silver coin with the 1/4 showing a quarter reale or?
  11. Amazing Seminole war relic hunt

    Love the BUTTONS!!
  12. US Continental Navy Buttons

    Congrats locating the cellar hole and subsequent finds, the buttons are fantastic!! How are you using LIDAR? It's something I've been VERY interested in. As technology evolves, I've been watching for a reasonably priced drone LIDAR mapping solution as these things tend to go down as...
  13. 2 days, 21 early American copper coins!

    Incredible!! I wonder what was there?
  14. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    Wow is that pretty!!! Gotta love that loamy sandy soil, congratulations on a super dig!!