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    Is there any truth to this? I haven’t heard this before and I’ve watched my fair share of metal detecting videos.
    Calabash Digger
    Calabash Digger
    WRAP AROUND...I heard that with the Deus I Sabisch ...I never paid any attention to it and used my ears..I do not believe it
    I use my ears as well. The tones give me all the info I need.
    Calabash Digger
    I'm the one from YouTube asking how to get a question through. It has to do with the coin notch program. I'm gonna do some more testing when I get off today before I post the question. Is there a way to PM you on here?
    I have been readiing some good things about the quest x10 plus As a starter detector. I ordered one for my son. I value your research and am hoping you would test it against the macro simplex. Regards. merf.
    Hi Calabash, As Deus I user since Dec 2019 I ponied up and bought the Deus II (BEAST); it arrived on Saturday last. I primarily civil war/colonial relic hunt in Virginia where I live and used the Deus (Fast) on the Deus I machine. Which program/settings do you use in relic hunting, and do you mind sharing your settings? I want to take the Deus II out this coming Saturday for her main relic detecting voyage. thanks
    Calabash, this is Deano the guy that makes covers, I will have covers for the Deus 2 soon. I would like to send one to you but I lost your contact info.
    Hi My Fellow TH'er CD
    I am sorry to hear that your XP equipment was stolen. I hope that Karma catches up with them before 'Real Justice' does. I am looking for a program that will find lead! I know that sounds odd as the XP-Deus usually can find the lead by the handful. I am currently using Gary Blackman's Sonar program with a few tweaks. Please share some of your programs. Thanks ;-) Dave
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    Calabash Digger
    Calabash Digger
    I relic hunt with one program .That is my pitch program...Pitch 603hz, reactivity 2, 2.5, 3 site dependent , silencer -1 , here is the trick 28 kh... You want lead it will hit it
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