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  1. Are There Replacement Cushions for the Koss UR-30 Headphones That Really Fit?

    While I have upgraded to better headphones for my CTX3030, I still have the original Koss UR-30 Headphones as a back-up. The black vinyl covering on the ear cushions is flaking badly (my wife teases me about the black flakes on my ears after using the headphones). I bought a pair of...
  2. Where do Folks Sell the Gold and Silver Jewelry They Find?

    I have no idea where my fellow hobbyists typically sell their gold & silver finds--local pawn shops, jewelers, or mail away companies? Is there a different answer for gold, silver, jewelry with stones, etc.? Even though I have been metal detecting for over a decade, it is only now that my...
  3. Another Heading Back To The Car Story

    A Beautiful Find! Thank you for capturing such detail in your photo--it gives the rest of us something to to fantasize about.
  4. Backpack Found for CTX 3030 Size Detector

    I have been looking for a backpack-style bag that I could use to carry my Minelab CTX3030, and have finally found one. I was interested in a bag with two straps, like a backpack, that I could use when traveling to remote locations, either on foot or bike. Many of the bags that I have seen only...
  5. Seated Quarter on Edge of Cliff! And a Really Neat Relic!

    What a fantastic post! Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare the informative photos. It is a great example of how a very ordinary looking patch of dry grass and weeds can hold mysteries of long ago. Your effort in searching those hard to get to places is certainly paying off. Your...
  6. More urban ballfied - 3 firsts in one day!

    I love the way you have your finds so well organized in the photo. While you didn't find anything that is going to make you rich, I can tell you enjoyed yourself--that's what counts! Keep up the great work.
  7. A Step Back in Time; Vintage Garrett Freebie

    I had to laugh when I was going through a drawer recently and found this vintage freebie from Garrett Detectors, which is probably 30 years old. It is kind of funny to think, "What does a comb have to do with metal detecting?" but it was a simpler time 3 decades ago. I understand a Garrett...
  8. Hit a small iceberg today, gold and diamonds!

    Very, very nice! Thank you for being an inspiration to the rest of us. Nice to know that "it can happen" even if we weren't the recipient this time around. Thank you for the photos.
  9. Found Men's silver wedding band with name on it-need help trying to locate him.

    If you have no luck, feel free to pm me. I do a lot of genealogy work and have pretty good luck tracking people down. Please let us know if you find the owner.
  10. Excal 2 hits 18k gold and silver and peace charm

    Great job! Nice to see your finds. You will laugh, as I have a brand new, still in the box, Excal 2 that I have not gotten around to use in over a year--its hard to start over learning a new detector. Easier to drag out my CTX3030 and not have to think about it. But, one of these days, you...
  11. Gold and Silver today!

    What a day, and what a haul! You worked hard, but were rewarded for your effort. Nothing is worse than doing the work and receiving no reward. Thanks for the photos.
  12. Magnet fishing for the first time. 1st shot of me on here.

    What do you think about the magnet that you used? 1,200 lbs. of pull sounds like a lot. I am 6'4", 200 lbs. and fairly strong. I would like to buy a magnet the right strength, but there are so many opinions out there. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  13. 🥇 BANNER My best find in 20 years!!! Incredible Ring!!!

    What a great series of events and an amazing find! If only the ring could tell you it's story. I appreciate the before and after photos, which really drives home the ring's beauty. And now you have your own story to tell.
  14. Silver and a little gold from the water and interesting things from the scout camp

    Thank you for the detailed post. You had quite an adventure. For those of us who can't get out, we can live vicariously through your adventures. Enjoy!

    Good to be able to learn from your experience. I thought I was in the same boat earlier this week. I made a rare trip to the beach, got all set up, and went to turn on the CTX--Nothing. This had never happened to me. It turns out that the battery had not charged because it hadn't been fully...