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  1. New site with early coppers and a unusual US Large Cent

    Thank you Paleomaxx! I was hoping there was a reason for this coin. I could not figure why someone would make a copy of a coin using a metal that would never pass as a real US coin. You can see why I was stumped again. Couple of years ago I broke open one of these iron cast plates finding a...
  2. New site with early coppers and a unusual US Large Cent

    Found a site with lots of iron signals in the middle of the woods by luck. Probably a small homesite, but with a pretty good walk to get fresh water. So far a number of interesting items besides these coins which I will post soon. Coins all found near where I think the home sat on a knoll...
  3. Recent Cape Cod Trail Finds

    Thank Jeff. I get some help from friends who own chunks of land. Happy hunting!
  4. Recent Cape Cod Trail Finds

    Thanks, Gare, I love your saying. It's so true. We have horses.
  5. Recent Cape Cod Trail Finds

    Thanks Jose. I found this image of a couple of whale oil lamps with the angled wicks. I think the one I found fit on top of either a can or glass reservoir. It was next to a root cellar that goes back. I found a Hibernia coin there dated 1722.
  6. Identifying an Artist

    I am an artist and have been in the art business for over 40 years. This is most likely imported artwork sold at hundreds of street galleries along the coast since the early 1960's. Usually last name only. My last name is Davis. Each year, I receive several images of paintings signed just...
  7. Recent Cape Cod Trail Finds

    Items found alongside two different ponds here in Harwich. The early 1900's Mary Garden makeup compact was on the grassy hill side overlooking the pond. Probably lost during a picnic long ago. Makeup and mirror still intact. Jack or pen knife has lost it's blades to rust but still holding...
  8. Some interesting Iron Finds?

    I don't post iron finds very often. But had a few things that I thought were interesting. The cast iron plate with the star was found with some brass horse tack and reins guide. Thought it might be part of a wagon? There was a Star Wagon Company in the 1800's. Does not mean it's related though...
  9. Early Navajo Silver Bracelet

    I shined up a small spot, it's nice and bright. Found not far from the ocean here on the east coast. I have found silver coins here that have this gray look as well. I attached a better color image. The light I wss using tends to make things more red than usual.
  10. Early Navajo Silver Bracelet

    Found this Navajo silver bracelet this morning out in a area that was once farmland back in the 1890's. Now all tall oak and pine trees. Surprising, it was deeper than expected. So I assumed it had been there for a while.. Maybe late 1800 to early 1900's I'm guessing? Looks like it might have...
  11. Interesting old Brass shield with design?

    Thank you BAW. I assumed it was not just decoration. The items I'm finding were most likely brought over from England. Trying to find the name of the family who lived there. They may be buried at the close by cemetery in Brewster.
  12. Interesting old Brass shield with design?

    Thank you to both of you. That would probably be the best answer. I have found lots of oxen shoes in the area but no horse shoes yet. Too fancy for a oxen!
  13. Interesting old Brass shield with design?

    Had a little time to go back to the 1700 homestead I found last week. Two items really stand out from today's finds. A early brass keyhole escutcheon plate and a brass shield with a simple but interesting design on the front. I know the escutcheon matches some what closely to a 1600 reproduction...
  14. Very Early Cape Cod site finds!

    Oh, sorry. Miss connotation on my end. I make my living as a professional artist. So I think in terms of being know as a Contemporary painter. Although I paint out of period. Not sure if this like will come up. My works are mostly historical views...