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  • Smithsonian Rock Gem Definitive Guide Rocks Minerals are books that I have ( 3 different ones ) for overall guide. I also have for region specific books an rocks etc that pertain to my area here in Canada. For me I have found these very useful. The info on the fire agat I got from this site: Mexican fire agate

    Trying to stay warm up here, minus 30 right now and getting colder for the next 3 days...Take care mamabear & have a good one...... Dave
    Hi Cariboo, just wondering where you get your information on rocks? I'm always thrilled to see someone with "know how" posting replies. I am looking for more reference books. I have a few, but want to add to my collection. If you have any favorites, could you share the titles & authors? Thanks! Hope you are staying warm this winter.
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