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  1. 5 watts is it the regulated depth allowed for detectors

    There is just the Law of Diminishing Returns, where doubling the coil current buys you an extra 1/4" of depth but kills your batteries twice as fast.
  2. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Theories about Oak Island treasure are a lot like Flat Earth theories. The vast majority who view it as nonsense aren't going to waste their time debunking nonsense. This leaves you arguing nonsense theories with other nonsense theorists. That, in essence, it what a lot of treasure forums are...
  3. I was a bit surprised!

    True, all Tesoro uMax have floating boards. It's a super-tight fit so it's not gonna move around. Never seen a board put in sideways, sounds like someone was in there before.
  4. Counterfeit mistake? Or treasury error?

    Not sure about this one. If it were a print error then the $20 Treasury seal would be green, not black. And it only covers 1/3rd of the note. I'd be tempted to say someone just printed it with a laser printer. Take a Q-tip dipped in acetone and test it... acetone will remove laser toner but not...
  5. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Proving a negative isn't possible. They could dig up the entire island to a depth of 1000 feet and someone is bound to say, "Yeah but, the treasure was 1001 feet deep." What you can look at is 220+ years of zero evidence of any treasure, money-making schemes with planted teasers, and...
  6. BFO

    Shield thy coil. Using a PLL frequency multiplier is how you do a VLF-BFO. Some BFOs also operate on mixer overtones, I don't recall what the ETI561 did.
  7. 5 watts is it the regulated depth allowed for detectors

    Hoosier, thanks for finding my old post. Saves me the effort. 49er, there ain't no 5 watt limit on metal detectors.
  8. BFO

    Because BFO operates on proximity effect it will probably never equal (or even come close) to what IB can do. That said, there are some fun things you can do with BFO. Yes, you can use the micro to generate the reference frequency. An NCO will give you the resolution you need with the bonus that...
  9. White's MXT Screen Problem

    Most likely a bad connection. There is a ribbon cable from the control box to the pod and at each end it plugs into a connector on the PCB. Sometimes those connections get spotty, often just wiggling the connector will fix it.
  10. Digital cameras CAN see buried gold

    Whatever you did to get that photo will give the same results whether there are coins buried or not.
  11. Atom collider experiment

    This has been true since cave men experimented with fire. Thank God for vastly arrogant men. As to the OP's question, no, the experiments won't affect dowsing in the least.
  12. Can anyone help me repair my Bounty Hunter II?

    First Texas won't repair these. It's a BFO from 1970, two bankruptcies ago for Bounty Hunter. If it doesn't work, it's a wall hanger.
  13. Bounty Hunter I - Questions and help needed

    This is a BFO model from roughly 1970. It was one of Bounty Hunter's first models (BH 1, 2, & 3) and was two bankruptcies ago. Sorry to say, probably not worth fixing. Even if it worked correctly it's only good for 3-4" depth and is highly affected by ground mineralization.
  14. Whites v3i installing a ground probe/pin pointer.

    I think Sunray is still in business but the new wave of pinpointers killed their probe sales.
  15. The Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    Yep, a quick press to turn it on and quick presses to retune. You probably cannot press it too quickly for these 2 functions. For power-down, press-hold until you hear (or feel) the power-down alert, then immediately release.