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  • Hi,Casper I got my CZ21 but I think Clyde gave me the wrong scoop he said the RTG deluxe scoop,it doesn't match up like your travel scoop,I did e-mail Clyde,hopefully he gets back to me,for some reason I can't pull up the scoop,but look on my post and I'll post it with the CZ21 its a very small black handle scoop
    Casper I saw on one of your posts the other day that you don't like electrolysis very much. You need to learn the new way that surfnturf just taught me it's awesome. I used to cook my coins all the time trying to clean them,
    you saw the coins I posted two days ago I used the new way and they cleaned up nice. PM me or call my cell # 1 508 577 4235, if interested in learning new way.leprechaun.
    Hello: Don
    Donnie Long here AKA ddaddydigger,i'm thinking if a minelab excallibur 2,but only go to the beach occassionally,am retired,but live in n.e. georgia.The question is would this be worth the money if and would you suggest to use it as an all purpose detector.I have a DFX 300 now,would you think this would be value added considering going to beaches maybe a couple times a month?Your finds have encouraged me,and i'm originally from florida,have two daughters in orlando,so when i'm down ther,i could go.I'm a young 65 year young in good shape,do you think i could do the snorkeling underwater THer thing,or in your opinion would it be to physical for me to do.I never smoked and at 175 lbs in good shape for my age and drifting towards the idea of THer-ing under water wherever i go.Thanks for your reply.
    Sold my JW 8X..Thinking of getting the minelab Excalibur II....better suited for me,take care
    Casper,sent a message to Waydah abought hunting on friday hope he can make it,saterday would work also,but the beach will be packed.It's been packed all week and this week will be the same.
    Casper,maybe you and waydah might like to come up to nantasket for a water hunt some time this summer,best time would be around minus tides.
    I think after the 4th we have some coming up.Let me know if your interested, leprechaun.
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