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  1. Good Detecting Vacation Spot?
  2. if you believe in ghosts

    lot of ghost activity there - always has been
  3. Got my new toy yesterday...

    ive owned a Keene engineering hookah -electric and a honda gas one I use snuba set up i always carry a Spareair on me - good idea to get ... mine gives me 5 mins. of air to get to surface/shore :thumbsup:

    if i head that way...i will drop you a line
  5. Live Key West Florida,, Front Street

    I love key west love grouper and conch fritters :thumbsup:
  6. Got my new toy yesterday...

    still waiting for my chance - waters been rough and waters getting cold up here may have to wait and take on a Fla. trip or Caribbean one - unit can be taken on planes
  7. Anyone from Ft. Lauderdale area?

    Think Mike aka Surfrat was in that club too - one of Bills hunting partners dont know if you know - think he had covid at same time bill did and he did pass recently due to complications from covid I think
  8. Anyone from Ft. Lauderdale area?

    Thanks - i had talked to him like 6 weeks ago and he was not out of the woods yet with his health - he said he couldve died When we talked he had just gotten home from hospital and was tired - so he said he'd call in a few days...he didnt - thought nothing of it - Im not a priority in his...
  9. Anyone from Ft. Lauderdale area?

    Sorry for your losses my friend.. I had close call myself...I've told my gf if worst happens to make a post...signed her up just for that purpose
  10. Anyone from Ft. Lauderdale area?

    Bill Harris...last he talked to me he said he had gotten covid and got out of hospital and had some complications but was on the mend and doing better at home...he said he give me a call ...that was like 3 weeks response to texts or activity on his fb last time my gf...
  11. Anyone from Ft. Lauderdale area?

    Good friend has not responded or posted on media in awhile - afraid for him since last time i heard from him he had gotten out of hospital after complications from covid
  12. CASPER-2

    Comment by 'CASPER-2' in media 'LARGE RING IS ABOUT AN OZ OF GOLD'

    bartender at my resort had a matching bracelet (which prob had 3 times the amount of gold as the ring)- i showed him the ring and he didnt want to give it back - both were made by a gold jeweler on the island - one of the waiters had a smaller version of my ring
  13. Got my new toy yesterday...

    I use CZ 21s by Fisher (I own 3 of them) I owned a Keene engineering hookah - which was electric and motor hummed and had no problem hearing my machine then got a gas powered hookah which was a little louder but still had no problem then i put together a SNUBA system (scuba tank is floated on...