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  1. External battery pack question

    Picture was most helpful. I've got nothing but good things to say about Nokta Makro and Andrew. I'm really enjoying the Legend and know that the company stands behind its product.
  2. External battery pack question

    Two big thumbs up for Nokta Makro and Andrew at We Dig Metal Detectors. I explained problem in an email and was hoping they would send me the retaining clip for my external battery pack. Well, checked the mailbox today and they sent me an entire brand new external battery pack. Nokta Makro...
  3. External battery pack question

    Well, I removed the battery form the pack, and it looks like locking ring (A) is there, but not retaining ring (B). Here's a pic. Just wish Nokta would contact me. If it's just a matter of retaining ring (B) not being there, they could just send me one and I could pop it on myself. Just...
  4. External battery pack question

    Been a week now and no response from Nokta Makro. Don't know how much these show, but here are two pics of the battery.
  5. External battery pack question

    Well, I did send a submission to USA Nokta Repair Center on Saturday, but have not yet received any response.
  6. External battery pack question

    Unfortunately, it popped off quite easily. Not sure if there is a bit missing or what. That cover just goes on and off with ease and will not pull the battery out. Doesn't appear that anything is broken.
  7. External battery pack question

    Just received my external battery pack and 6" coil for the legend. Attempted to remove the battery from the holder to charge, and the little rectangular "knob" at the end that you use to pull the battery out simply came off. Attempted to put back in and remove battery, and again it just came...
  8. My oldest found item

    Sure looks like a megalodon tooth.
  9. Finally!! 1st Silver FTY

    That's definitely better than "decent". Nice find.
  10. Legend - coils and battery packs

    Anybody have any inside info on when Nokta Makro will be shipping accessory coils and battery packs? I had ordered the pro-pack, but my dealer had not received them yet, so when offered the standard pack with the proviso that the 6" coil and external battery pack would be sent when they received...
  11. Legend - first impressions

    Wow, Sprailroad, that is awesome. Gold on your first outing. I need to find me a place like that to hunt.
  12. Legend - first impressions

    Received my Legend Friday of last week. I've only had it out once for about 2 1/2 hours and found $3.00 in clad and an aluminum caribiner (sp). First impressions: 1. This thing is built like a tank. 2. I've not experienced any "chattiness". Sensitivity ran at 28 and no chattering. Even hunted...
  13. Legend Pro Packs Shipping

    Very much so. Thanks for posting. Hoping to have my pro-pack asap.
  14. Nokta Makro Legend Live Dig in Trash-Filled Park

    Very promising. Waiting for my Legend. Hopefully by next week.
  15. I find this whole thing a bit odd

    I stand corrected. It was on December 23. She was talking about the NDA’s for the beta testers being lifted in about one week. This would be around January 1st. I confused that one with the one from early December where she said they could be ready by the end of the month. Wishful thinking on my...