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  1. Too Far Gone

    Here’s my lock after electralasis.
  2. 1st gold of 2022

    Looks nice. What’s the weight?
  3. Good day in laguna

    Thanks everyone for the reply’s. Had it looked at and confirmed it’s real. Now I’ll try looking at lost and found and calling around.
  4. Good day in laguna

    What step should I take next. I’m nervous about taking it to a Rolex place. I don’t want them to keep it. Maybe the previous owner reported it lost. Do they track them with the serial number?
  5. Good day in laguna

    Yes. Still running. All the letters seem really crisp.
  6. Good day in laguna

    It’s just the picture. I’m not very good. But when you look straight at the date it good and centered.
  7. Good day in laguna

    Went and hit laguna beach today after a failed attempt yesterday. Tsunami was a bust. All the beaches were closed tell about 4. So my buddy and I hit the beach again today. Not a lot of targets. Seemed like someone had hit it befor us. My buddy spotted a crusty cell phone on the surface. Dead...
  8. What happened to the law of averages?

    Lol. Not enough pull tabs. I’d say closer to 85-100 for gold. Your closer to silver with those numbers. Also depends on location. I’ve collected close to 100 pull tabs without either silver or gold.
  9. Ring or pull tab?

    I vote ring. The hole might have had a stone
  10. Big silver

    Maybe from a pair of glasses. One of the arms that holds it on your face.
  11. The new frontier

    I’ve seen those being used on the ytube by ljr. I’m dieing to get my hands on one
  12. Backyard Dig, Pasadena

    I’m in El Monte. Congrats on the finds. What kind of detector do you swing?
  13. Are PI machines relevant anymore?

    I use a Whites pulse dive every now and again when I plan on digging everything. It goes deep but I dig a lot of trash.
  14. Not much but this.

    Thanks everyone. Hopefully we see some more sand action. The big cuts are getting knocked down and the wet is filling in.
  15. Not much but this.

    So I went out lastnight up to Malibu near point dume. I was inspired by wildcarots picture of the cut. I was up there the next day and found a little 10k ring. The cut was about 4-5 foot in some places. Sad thing was the the lack of targets. Last night I was fearing the same thing. The cut had...