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  • visible foundations are the first to get cleaned out, sites with just an iron patch remaining still produce,so right about for that vegetation, grapevines and rhubarb are two more that I look for. Nice to have sites in your back pocket, I have three promising new ones, only swung a couple hours at each, the latest is a very large and secluded cove, as the tides wash out the saltmarsh, it has revealed a HUGE old dumpsite, glass pottery and metal everywhere..Exploring New Site - Today's Digs - Just Go Detecting - Metal Detector Community
    and another site I need to get time for, no foundation or map history, just two iron patches..Colonial Governors Fields, Button and Latten Spoon - Today's Digs - Just Go Detecting - Metal Detector Community Best wishes to you and Happy Hunting !!Herbie.
    Hi Joseph, I don't hunt much on dry land, Low tide areas on the inland waterways up here are 90% of my sites.

    Mudflats and shallow water wherever I can get access, there was usually some early activity in every protected

    have discovered two rich virgin sites since I started digging, one was when i first started, and the 2nd in late February this year.

    While all the foundations i've mapped out and searched seem to be heavily hunted, these mud flats sure give up the goods.

    The saltwater does a job on the metals, but I'd rather find a toasty 17 th Century silver than a pristine 20th C or modern jewelery.

    Happy hunting & safe diving! Herbie.
    Hi CfdFire,
    I was meaning this guy, Maybe i photoed the wrong shell,
    You Must find some great treasures diving...
    HH! Dog Whelk
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