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  • To all my friends: I enjoy "off site" communications where we can say what we really mean without offending some of the more "tender" readers here. Things like the truth, adult responsibilities, and honor.

    To that end, I HAVE A DREAM ...

    A dream where thinking people can speak our minds without fear of punishment.

    A dream where persons who don't agree with us can voice their opinions as well, but WITHOUT being able to silence ours when they don't agree.

    A dream that one day, all discussion will be about how great freedom IS, not how free we used to be.

    We now return you to your regular state sponsored and regulated day.
    Be back in a day or two. I have to wrap my mind around something I found on ocean acidification. And if I get this right, it will be devastating to the MMGW crowd. It seems that CO2 in the oceans is actually BENEFICIAL to marine organisms.

    I talked with 21st today,, he says he is very busy with a reinactment coming up and trying to get the communists near him to see the light:headbang:
    I believe that the Constitution is just as relevant today as it was when it was penned. I value the freedoms given me by the "Bill of Rights". First and foremost, I believe in my right privacy and my right to be secure in my own domain.


    While this forum is not my property, my communications are private discussions between myself and other members. That is why it is called PRIVATE MESSAGING. Thus you allow me domain to converse privately with other members.

    In 1986, Congress significantly updated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), originally enacted two decades earlier in 1968 to prevent telephone wiretapping. Digging through my private messages is the equal of wiretapping.

    I PROMISE that any such invasion of my privacy without legal writ (Warrant) will be met with the same vigor as all other offenses I prosecute.
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