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  • Hey Charlie, I'm from Owego N.Y. currently live in Campville between Endicott and Owego N.Y. What area of South Central N.Y. do You reside ?
    I was making fun. No reason it should work - much like the similar digital camera myth. Notice the date on the original Post was April Fools Day two years ago. I can't believe it still has legs.

    MP3 player. How does it work? Why would it respond to gold rather than something else? Please. I am serious, not making fun. I have at least one place I would like to try it out. This place is near or under power lines. How would that affect it? Also! How about digital cameras. I have a couple of kodaks. I also an android phone with a nice camera. Any info you gave would be helpful. I have also heard of function generators used for treasure hunting.
    Thank you
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