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  1. Deus II is on Order; Now A Troubling Question

    Dan, Sounds like you're saying 3030 and Nox are similar performers. They aren't similar in price though. Which leads me to the Deus2...I'd would hope it outperforms the Nox as its twice as much. Ive been saying this the past 4 yrs when people were comparing Deus1 and Nox...that they're in the...
  2. Deus II is on Order; Now A Troubling Question

    SO how did the Nox perform vs your CTX3030? People who own both have been tight lipped.
  3. Deus 2 in XP detectors

    Personally, I don't care about the Deus1, never used it and don't want to sift through to find info on the Deus 2 which I ordered. Having said that I can see Emil's point.
  4. Equinox or Deus 2

    I want to reiterate the Nox600 (essentially the same hunting as the 800) is $650 vs the Deus2 which is $1600. I'd hope the Deus is better...but then again the Deus1 was also much more $ than either nox, and not clearly better.
  5. Main reason for Minelab introducing the 600 and 800?

    " a greater range and finer degree of adjustment for both recovery speed and iron bias which can make a big difference in hot ground and/or bed o nails situations." -vferrari This is what I pine for as a 600 user. "...the cost difference is tied to the value placed on the difference in...
  6. eq 600

    Was the last update the 4 khz one?
  7. Service Dept

    UPDATE... I received my headphones back from Minelab after they said they worked fine on their bench. Treasure_Hunter and Minelab said electrical issues can be intermittent. I believe them. When I got the headphones back I tried them again and they DO NOT WORK. My SECOND set of Minelab...
  8. Service Dept

    Thanks, TH. The problem was more of them ignoring me for weeks. That they didn't check product registration or ask me if it was under warranty and billed me...this was a secondary issue. Is your point that I did something wrong in this exchange with Minelab?
  9. Service Dept

    Then I was finally given a ticket number, I sent it in, they said theres nothing wrong with it and I have to pay $52 before they send it back. I questioned that after a month of inaction they were going to hold my equipment until I paid, for doing NOTHNG? He answered that it couldn't have been...
  10. I?m taking a poll

    My thoughts exactly.
  11. Service Dept

    One day short of 3 weeks, I received an email from Minelab asking me for all the information I've already give them. At least they finally know I'm alive.
  12. Service Dept

    I called AGAIN two days ago, left info, nothing.
  13. Service Dept

    Thanks everyone. Yeah, vferrari, I used the 6522 number. Twice I left my info and the machine said they'd call back so I didn't have to wait on the line. Never called back. The third time I left my info via the service email you also mentioned above...they STILL haven't contacted me. It's...
  14. Service Dept

    Hows everyone's experiences trying to get service from Minelab when something breaks? I had some pinpointer issues a while back and they were quick and thorough. However, on my latest issue I called two weeks ago, left my name, number and serial # just as they asked, 3 days later...nothing. So I...
  15. Nox Not Pairing

    That was what finally worked!! Thanks!!!...and thanks everyone!