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  • how is the 705 working for you? I am really having troubles getting to understand what my 505 is trying to tell me. I get decent repeatable high tones dig it and if i can find it its usually foil or a pulltab maybe its my settings but i find more with my fisher f2 lol.
    I know all about being laid off, just when you thinks are going good boom you get laid off. I started my career as a pipefitter and things would be going really good then a job would end with no place to go and end up being laid off for 1 to 6 months. Then I went into management and as luck would have it I always picked companies that would end up going broke in a cpl years and then I would get laid off again. My entire career was up and down but I survived and doing well even though I still wonder what if things would have been different. I never had a pension or retirement so everything I have i saved and invested. Now in retirement I am trying to do all the things I always wanted to but could never afford it. Good luck to you and thanks for all the advice.
    I still plan on buying a V3i I am just wondering why you would sell yours. You spoke so highly of it. Is there anything I should look out for if I buy it.
    Swingbot,I have a ATP,and a Deus. I love the ATP it's a great machine,I'll never sell it,or trade it off!:thumbsup: I'm still in the learning curve on the Deus though.:laughing7:
    Hey bud so what M.Der are you swinging? I have the At Pro and Yeah ,, its Paid for it self over and over.
    just wanted to say hi to all i am pretty new but have always been intrigued there are a few nice places for me to go so if there are any suggestions for me to mayb get sumthing or any tips anyone may have ill take them thanks
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