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    Make sure you fill in you plugs :tongue3:
  2. Replacment parts for my AT PRO

    I haven't been detecting in a couple of years and Am In Need of some parts For my At Pro, so I can Get back out after Getting My Arthritis Under Control If You can sent me A parts List I can Let You Know What i need With Diagram If Possible Thanks Chug
  3. Grey box

    this grey box is blocking the banner finds at the top of my screen how do I get it to go away
  4. Experts needed

    Leave the dirt on it Unless you can find someone that can professionally clean it Great just the way it is to me
  5. Experts needed

    no idea here Beautiful button Love the Dirty pic Chug
  6. Pennies it’s amazing how eaten up they get in my area

    Tumble them for an Hour the run them thru a Coinstar at least the ones that are in half way decent shape i get about 60 percent to go thru Thought of taking them to a Fed reserve bank for replacments Havent gotten up the nerve yet !!! HH Chug
  7. Some new finds

    Its rail road related trying to update my link to a site that is not working!!! Chug
  8. Lots of clad, even a sliver of silver and a casualty.

    I had to go to the end of the story to see what Happend to Blingie He looks Happy in the Middle of the Silver! hh Chug
  9. New Electric Scooter

    Yep Can Imangine Calling Nine One One Many time if Red Or I Are On One Need A Third wheel and A Digging Attachment!! HH Chug
  10. P38 to the Rescue for the Pie

    I still have one somewhere HH Chug Hope the Pie Came out Sounds Yummy:occasion14:
  11. New Electric Scooter

    Yep dead Link here also chug
  12. Silver Spoon

    Cool spoon I Can see what looks like Pat applied the some thing else Then what looks like a cartoon octopus am I seeing it correctly chug
  13. Is White's customer service better than the rest?

    I fully agree with Smokey, if you ever get the chance to visit the Whites factory in sweet home Oregon go for it Great museum the you can go thru while the fix your Machine if its a Quick fix been there twice for coil replacements over the years Chug
  14. Need help with find

    Looks like a hammered coin put into a Keeper Some one should be able to identify it for you soon hh Chug