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  1. Thoughts on the V6:)

    kicking around the idea of a V6, found some used V5.....not sure. Any owners out there? How do you like it compared to other detectors? would you buy it again? Thanks8-)
  2. *-*-*-Vaquero or Outlaw?-*-*-*

    Vaquero is Great, sent you a PM...:)
  3. New Vaquero

    Sent a Pm.....Vaquero is great
  4. want to trade vaquero coil?

    Thanks and sorry for posting wrong on the forum....:)
  5. want to trade vaquero coil?

    Looking to trade my brand new 11x8 DD vaquero coil for 5 3/4 wide scan coil. I like the smaller coils for the Vaquero. Thanks...!!:)
  6. Vaquro and ground balance?

    I have a new Vaquero and would like to know what ground balance settings you use and what is the advantage and disadvantage of each. Does this machine machine work best with slightly negative, neutral, or positive settings? Thanks:icon_scratch:
  7. what headphones are you using with the Vaq?

    thanks for the heads up on the warranty.
  8. what headphones are you using with the Vaq?

  9. Vaquero vs??

    How does the Vaquero compare to other machines? Just bought one, Its better than my sand shark (air test only) and I know they are different machines. I like it better than my Nokta golden sense for the following reasons...light weight, 9v battery, has discrimination, warranty. I haven't used...
  10. Who has a detector they DO NOT like???

    1st detector tesoro sand shark....liked it but lacked depth. 2nd nokta golden sense...headphone quit working, speaker quit working, was heavy....had good depth...sold it and would not by again. 3rd tesero vaquero...replaced my nokta....have not used it yet....see mixed reviews on the machine...
  11. what headphones are you using with the Vaq?

    What headphones are you using with the Vaq? I just ordered the killer B's (wasp). Happy Hunting:)
  12. Nokta gold AU....Should I buy one?

    Looking at the Nokta gold au. Not much out there about it....How good is it and how is for coins and relics? How is the depth? We have a lot of closed gold mines in Va, wondering how this machine rates,,,is it worth the money? Thanks???
  13. Finally...Ordered the:)

    After 2 months of videos, forums, and reading.....I finally order a Vaquero 11x8 with the 5"concentric coil....!!!:) I looked at the v3i and didn't like the way it felt. I ordered the Blisstool V6 and had it in my hand and let it go back (hope I don't regret it)...I came home and ordered the...
  14. Cortes??? Anyone??

    Looking to by a detector next week and set my sites on the vaquero.:) Just wanted to ask about the Top of the line tesoro if anyone has used it and how do you like it? Would you buy it again? What is depth like and is it better or worth the extra money. Anything else you care to add would be...
  15. V3i coils, which one?

    Getting ready to purchase the V3i and heard mixed reviews about the stock coil. I don't like the bigger coils but would like to by a smaller one. I would like to buy the concentric coil... but does it work with the 3 frequenceys? Do any of the coils have to be tuned to the machine? Any thoughts...