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    The final remnants of my grandfathers collection from Estero Florida. The bone is from the scapula of a West Indies Manatee!
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  3. Validate artifact

    The bone of the manatee is very dense and does not present as normal bone! That is why the Taino and Maya used in their carvings of which there are numerous examples.
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  5. Validate artifact

    There is no doubt, but I want to stress the finds were made on private property long ag. I just wanted to see what others thought!
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    Manatee was heavily used as a tool in this region and the inner bone is visible. This find was made in the 1960s along with other tools made of manatee.
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    I found this lovely on a Calusa Indian mound in Florida. It is made from manatee bone and in the shape of a rabbit, perhaps a hide scraper. Any ideas of uses or insight would be appreciated!