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  • Hi Debby,
    Im not sure if this is you, but I think we meet in Punta cana in April of this year. If its not sorry for this mail....
    I live in Parrish and grew up in Bradenton. I have signed a contract to do a treasure hunting reality show. We are in the casting process. I am trying to keep it all real and so far my co-stars are my actual friends. I don't know if any of this interests you or not. I believe I know the location of many treasures. It appears that you have been hunting for a while. PM me if you want to know more or would like to meet to discuss your possible involvement in the show.
    Hi cntry,
    I'm Harry...
    Just wondering if this storm is washing up some interesting things on the Gulf side? Do you ever go to the Treasure Coast and check it out for shipwrecked gold? One day I'd like to take a trip there...probably after a storm.
    Have a great day!
    If your sister changes her mind, that's not a problem either. I can try to make sure she has a good time if she decides to come. I have umbrellas, radios, coolers, chairs, name it and its hers to use. I can hold a cabana at public beach also. Just throwing it out there.

    I will have a cooler with ice and drinks/snacks for use anyway. cokes? waters? liquor???? not sure what you would like, but if you let me know, I will make sure we are good to go so that you have as much time in water as you want.

    see ya soon,
    All good. I will be there. I was thinking though, just walk across street and I will meet you street side in front of Margaritaville. I'm not sure what store in ground floor but I will be there waiting.

    I just got back from Fl. today and boy am I glad to be back. We can metal detect where ever you want and how ever you like. I did manage to get the hookah system here with two 100ft hoses and regulators. I also have nice, light yet heavy duty scoops (3 total) just in case you don't want to haul yours off the ship. I also have mask and snorkle for you if you don't have one. Anything you need or want to use is all good with me, just let me know. I will also have weights for you if you want to try the hookah. Think it would be a fun way to hunt if you haven't ever done that before.

    Didn't have any luck in Fl but didn't really hunt at all. I will however do my best to make sure you leave here with some gold.
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