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  1. ❎ SOLD Minelab GPX 5000 Bundle With 5 Coils Only $2,500 OBO

    I am selling my lightly used GPX 5000 with 5 coils (4 brand new) for only $2,500 OBO shipped FEDEX to lower 48. This unit SN#74228154450 was purchased from Gerry on 3 July 2019 and always had the box covered. I have only about 40 hours on this unit and it's been in the closet ever since. GPX...
  2. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    Hi Vance, Yes Dahlke is still in business and Erich Lessing is the owner in Sealy, TX. (979) 885-4653.
  3. Dahlke micro 4b initial thoughts.

    Reed, After watching OP's YT video, your's & my own 4b experiences, I'm beginning to believe that the current design by Erich is based on "portability only"(A+) and NOT gold dredging(F). I ended up mounting a GX200/Keene P180 pump and 2" jet inlet , scrapped those dovetail riffles for rubber...
  4. Help from OBN...Battery Pack BMS

    @OBN Hey Joe, received all the "parts" to make batteries. Now every source is "out of stock" on those Panasonic NCR 18650B cells and Reid at RNB said he can't find any cells from Japan...only junk ones from China. That's why he isn't making them. If you have some left, their going for $$ each...
  5. Help from OBN...Battery Pack BMS

    @OBN Great work on building those batteries. Wish I had taken a course years ago. Do most of your supplies come from battery space/AA Portable Power Corp? Does the precision double pulse welder work better than a high quality Hakko soldering unit? I'm going to try my first 4S 14.8V Li-ion...
  6. ❎ SOLD WTB White's Surfmaster PI Pro

    Still looking for White's Surfmaster PI detector, apparently @Diggler is non-responsive.
  7. ❎ SOLD WTB White's Surfmaster PI Pro

    Bryan, sent you lots of PMs. Please read your mail. Bill
  8. 🙋 WANTED Nautilus DMC-IIb

    There is one on FB Marketplace.
  9. BLU3 Nemo

    Hey Bill, I have one with 3 batteries and backpack carrier. Sent you a PM on another forum. Bill
  10. ❎ SOLD WTB White's Surfmaster PI Pro

    Hey Bryan, Can you send me some pics of the unit and what you're asking for it? Thanks, Bill
  11. ❎ SOLD WTB White's Surfmaster PI Pro

    Looking for a good condition for a White's Surfmaster PI Pro detector. Will pay top dollar depending on condition. Bill
  12. ❎ SOLD Final Price Drop- New Fisher AQ Limited With 2 Coils & 2 Batteries Only $1,300

    New, never used Fisher AQ Limited, a deep-seeking PI developed for gold jewelry, with both 11" and 8" coils, CF lower rod, Nimh and shorty OBN Li-ion battery with chargers for $1,800 $1,600 $1,300 Paypal F&F or +3% shipped to lower 48. This detector will go to Ebay if nobody in US wants it...
  13. ❎ SOLD NIB White's TDI Beach Hunter With Li-ion Battery For Only $900 Shipped

    I believe that the TDI BH has a voltage regulator that controls power to the circuitry. Others have posted an increase in depth and performance when using a 14.8V battery, that's why I bought the battery.
  14. ❎ SOLD NIB White's TDI Beach Hunter With Li-ion Battery For Only $900 Shipped

    Brand New In Box White's TDI Beach Hunter with a high-powered Reidman 14.8V li-ion battery and charger, purchased from Gerry M. This is the high-powered PI detector everyone asked for from White's, for beach and water hunting. Paid over $1,350 for this package and transferable warranty good...
  15. Keene's New Fine Gold Riffle kit for 4" mini dredge.

    In CO. we have tons of black sands and flour gold. We run the Keene 3-stage sluice box with 1" drop per foot, full throttle, 3rd stage more shutoff with a 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" pull-out adjustment of the aluminum flow panel. This creates less packing up of the 3rd stage. Try it, you will be very...