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  1. I have3 coils for my one Etrac

    I love my Nel Hunter on the etrac
  2. Recommendation for a good shovel

    Get the predator tools they work great
  3. How To Make It Snow 2 Feet In One Simple Step

    Yup my Nox 800 comes tomorrow. Guess what biggest blizzard of the year here happens on THAT day...
  4. 2020 Totals

    Very nice Noah!
  5. What Have You Ever Found WITHOUT the Detector, While Metal Detecting?

    I found a working top of the line Fitbit last summer. I was biking at night with my friends and saw a light on the ground, so I assumed one of us had dropped our bike lights. I pick it up and it was a Fitbit with the heart rate monitor on! I talked to the police and they said if no one called...
  6. Best Pin pointer for a deaf person?

    Nokta Makro Pulsedive pointer.
  7. First Gold Ring of the year

  8. Help with info on old bullet casing I found?

    How old was the site it was found on? How deep? What else did you find on the site?
  9. First Spanish Silver of the year - 1751

    Awesome find! That’s a real old reale lol
  10. AMAZING FIND, that had to be shared

    That’s an awesome find congrats!
  11. Suggestion for post-hurricane metal detector

    For beach hunting get the Equinox.
  12. Suggestion for post-hurricane metal detector

    Minelab Equinox
  13. 2 Reale in a public park!!!

    Thanks Ben!
  14. Post Your BEST FIND in 2020!

    This 1731 2 reale I found about a week ago.
  15. 2 Reale in a public park!!!

    I’m in Southeast Iowa, I’d prefer not to share my county publicly, if you want to know PM me.Thanks