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  • Thanks for the comment. I joined the Lafayette club and go to the meetings. Everyone is friendly. I'm new to detecting and trying to learn the detector, find good spots, etc. Like I said, it takes time and patience. Eventually, I would like to get some hunting partners from the club.
    My week is okay. No silver half dollars from my last 3K - but that doesn't trouble me. I am working on just being nice and personable with all my tellers. Plus, I just went and bought out all the neighborhood banks that had $500( someones dump ) - just so they know I am serious.

    What do you want to talk about? I am up to talk about anything, esp when it come to CRHing.

    Take care TimZim
    I read your totals, welcome to reality :)

    I am in Washington state, technically in Seattle, but on the outskirts.

    I have 2 banks ordering me a box a week now, plus the random rolls I find. I feel I am In a good groove. I also have a new dump CU, thats MUCH closer to my home.

    On another note, I am going to be a homeowner in one week. I am excited about that!
    It was okay. My first whole unopened box yielded 2 40s.m I picked some another mans drop offs too, so that was a little bit of a hit.

    Might be getting a box today from a key bank. They have been a good bank thus far.

    Your last message you gave me was blank, just a copy of our original conversation.

    Out the door for work! Bye bye.
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