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  • Hi Coins, My wife and I do MD but since her knee replacement, we have slowed down considerably. Most of the time we do go, we are at a BBQ Contest where we both judge and then if we're near the ocean or a big lake with a public beach, we will go for about an hour.
    Hi Coins,
    Your coin looks like a Roman Coin. I am not 100% sure but I remember seeing something like this on TV. I wish to welcome you to the club. I find this sight to be very good and the members are great. I have added you to my list and wish to hear more from you. Regards Doc801
    if i put a coin photo of a coin can some one tell me what kind of coin it is and what it is worth and the history
    Thank you for your interesting:hello2: I wish you have great day and happy hunting:treasurechest:
    Where are you from?
    I currently live in Northern Wisconsin. I used to go to Florida in November. Since my wife passed away in March, I have no plans to go back to Florida any time soon. Thanks for the invite, though.

    i found some coins and a gun pice and a big pice of breass add me if you are near clearwater
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