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  1. Opinions needed

    Very well might be a game ball ,I have found a few myself.
  2. Fathers day creek walk

    We have been pretty dry here lately and thought it might be a good time to hit my favorite creek to walk, and indeed it payed off again ! looked at a small water fall the looked in the pool and I said there isn't anyway that's a point looking up at me, and sure enough a Hardin 4" 1/4 beauty !
  3. Help ! never have come across one like this St Clair County Illinois

    Tdog and prairie prowler are correct, I have a antler that I found a few years back that was chew on, and they match, I just did not catch it , but it is still a cool piece. Thanks' for the help.
  4. Help ! never have come across one like this St Clair County Illinois

    I am just not sure what it is ? looks carved, worked, shaped somewhat like a arrowhead , but a lighter stone than what I normally find. Any idea's or who to take it to?
  5. Dog tax tag, IHPs, Crotal Bells, FE loaded new turn of century site

    Outstanding relic recoveries, a amazing mix of finds.
  6. Got out a while today.

    Great finds! love the bullets.
  7. William penny??

    I have to say that is amazing for a hour and a half hunt !! great finds.
  8. Nice Conestoga Bell, Civil War Relics, Petrified Wood, and a Strange Copper

    Great finds ,and I am sorry for your loss , I see we all have that same sorrow , Time will heal and we all become a little stronger. My Condolences to you and your family ,God Bless.
  9. 🥇 BANNER Sunday afternoon: She's wearing a silver cap!

    Great find , I have found 3) Half dimes but have not yet found 10 C. dime
  10. 🥇 BANNER Pres. John Adams & Other Goodies!

    Have to say those are amazing Cuffs!! Great relic finds.
  11. Got a Nice Hunt in today!

    All are very nice finds! Silver is always a plus!
  12. Sitting Pretty

    Seated are always amazing finds, nice seated dime!