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  1. Dog tax tag, IHPs, Crotal Bells, FE loaded new turn of century site

    Outstanding relic recoveries, a amazing mix of finds.
  2. Got out a while today.

    Great finds! love the bullets.
  3. William penny??

    I have to say that is amazing for a hour and a half hunt !! great finds.
  4. Nice Conestoga Bell, Civil War Relics, Petrified Wood, and a Strange Copper

    Great finds ,and I am sorry for your loss , I see we all have that same sorrow , Time will heal and we all become a little stronger. My Condolences to you and your family ,God Bless.
  5. Sunday afternoon: She's wearing a silver cap!

    Great find , I have found 3) Half dimes but have not yet found 10 C. dime
  6. 🥇 BANNER Pres. John Adams & Other Goodies!

    Have to say those are amazing Cuffs!! Great relic finds.
  7. Got a Nice Hunt in today!

    All are very nice finds! Silver is always a plus!
  8. Sitting Pretty

    Seated are always amazing finds, nice seated dime!
  9. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    Very nice and rare find in that type of condition!! WELL DONE!
  10. Almost a complete bucket list find, 1851-53, 3 cent, Pocket watch winder, buttons & more

    I really was not expecting this , but I will take my first early three cent'er how ever it comes!! A few musket balls , broken horse shoe, The door knob is nice, Watch winder is a first for me. and a brass round ring and other small pieces found. Not to bad for the day.
  11. 100+ YO Silver, Glass, and Stoneware All From the Same Hole!

    The stoneware is amazing , great saves.
  12. Colonial shoe buckle and 1869 Indian!

    Great history saves , love the IHP there should be some silver there somewhere!!
  13. The Fort Lot/Today’s Recoveries

    Love the button , AWESOME FINDS>
  14. Rev War no more but it's old and gold

    WOW! Love the ring, Great find! and I have wondered if I was going to run out of finds at sites that I hunt? Well it has been 30 years and I may have to walk a little more , change my directions and coils but it still always give me a surprise every year after year.
  15. V.R.S.N.S.M.V RING

    Great find!