Cool Hand Fluke

Stuck Behind the Iron Curtain in Occupied Soviet California..:(
In the Heart of Wine Country in Northern Californi
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Detector(s) used
Fisher CZ6, CZ5, Coinstrike, Fisher CZ20, Fisher 1235X, Tesoro Conquistador, Whites Surfmaster P.I. ,
, Garrett Pro Pointer
Purchasing agent for electronic components
Blog Title
Metal Detecting since 1985
Finds from 1985 to 2020, Totals Include (32) Silver Foreign Coins
Dollar Coins
5 Silver Dollars ,(Morgans 1885-S, 1892-S, 1879, 1921-S) ,(Peace 1922)
Half Dollars
2 Seated Halves1854-O,1877-S,(4) Barber Halves,05-S,10-S, 11-S,12-S,(27)Walking Liberty,(14)Franklin
187 Silver Quarters, Seated, Barber, Standing Liberty & Washington
1842-P, 1861-S, 1864-S, 1877-CC, 1882-P, 1887-S, 1888-S, 1891-S (2) , ..(43) Barber Dimes
(33) V Nickels, Best is a 1912-S found in Golden Gate Park in S.F.
(2)1864 & 1865 2 Cent pieces , (40) Indian Heads since 1987
Probably over1,000. I'm counting all those Chucky Cheeze too!
Non-US Coins
(2) Hammered silver dug in England: Edward 1st 1280's & Edward IV 1460's, 3 Roman coins from 200 AD
Wheat Pennies
( Over 10,000 since 1985 )Average about 300 per year
Buffalo Nickels
132 total found since my first in 1987
Mercury Dimes
652 Mercury Dimes!, (2) 1921-D's found in 2013! and 2019!
Other Silver Coins
Two Seated Half Dimes 1854-P & 1872-S, 1999 Silver Eagle .999 Silver Dollar!
40% Silver Coins
169 35% Silver War Nickels Dug, Have a complete set dug, all dates and mint marks! (2) 40% Kennedy's
Gold Items
Class of 1947 U.S. Naval Academy 14K Gold Ring, (200)+ other Gold Rings
Silver Items
856 Silver Roosevelt Dimes! 2,000 Total Silver Coins Dug! Reached Mark on 12-23-20!
21 old Skeleton Keys
Notable Relics
Bronze Age Chisel dug up in England, dated about 1500 BC, that's about 3,500 years old!
Silver Jewelry
Over 500 pieces since 1985
Gold Jewelry
Over 200
--Banner Finds--
[url=]1881/82 Dog License[/url]
[url=]sterling Skull Ring[/url]
--Honorable Mentions--
[url=]Carolyn Gets Her High School Ring Back After Loosing it 54 Years Ago![/url]
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
For fun driving a M60A1 tank was #1, metal detecting is #2 !


Hunting San Francisco Bay Area since 1985



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