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  1. One Good Find on Land, 3 Good Finds in the Water

    Yea, I know. I've been water hunting since the early 1990's and these were the worst. This was at a lake in North Dakota. This lake must have a higher mineral concentration that reacts to silver. The 2 wheaties that came out of the same water look like new.
  2. I got a gun with some fancy and teeny tiny cars

    That small car with the metal wheels is a Barclay toy car from the 1940's and 50's. The Barclay cars are much more harder to find than the common Tootsie Toy cars.
  3. One Good Find on Land, 3 Good Finds in the Water

    I metal detected 2 spots today. I finished a median with one good find that I missed on 2 previous sweeps. It was a buffalo nickel at 5 inches. My next outing was a lake swimming area that I found on Google maps. I was hoping for a gold ring but insted I was surprised to find 3 silver dimes in...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Army Unit Crest...What Battalion?

    I think identity is solved. Not sure why the Latin wording is missing, but I believe it's the 109th Combat Engeneers, 34th Infantry Division. This unit has a distinguished military history during world war 2. It landed in North Africa during world war 2 and took part in the battle at Kasserin...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Army Unit Crest...What Battalion?

    Thanks, I suspect it's a combat engineer crest. The army literally has over 2,000 different designs all based on the many Battalions the make up army.
  6. Hotel Fob, Army Unit Crest, and a Silver Dime

    I'm up in North Dakota visiting my daughter who is stationed at Minot Air Force Base. I've been metal detecting the area and hit a median where I dug a 1947 Rosie dime. At an old school house I dug a hotel key fob and a US Army unit crest.
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Army Unit Crest...What Battalion?

    I pretty sure this is a US Army unit crest. I'm wondering what battalion this is?
  8. Locked School Left the Gate Open....Gold & Silver!

    Some tot lots can have a bonanza of targets. My record is $35.00+ in one tot lot in Vallejo Calif.
  9. Locked School Left the Gate Open....Gold & Silver!

    A few years ago all the schools were open. Due to the high crime, graffiti, and the vandalism all the schools are locked now. It's sad that many of my old hunting areas are now off limits.
  10. What case do you use to transport your metal detector?

    I have 3 fishers that all came with a hard carrying case. All of them have a hard plastic shell with locking steel latches. These are a must when flying on the airlines. I'll check my bags on the plane, but not the metal detector. I carry all my detectors into the airplane in a hard case and...
  11. Locked School Left the Gate Open....Gold & Silver!

    I'm not exactly sure what this spoon was designed for? A camping spoon? Or is it drug parafulnani?
  12. Locked School Left the Gate Open....Gold & Silver!

    Most elementary schools around here have large fences and locked gates. So you can't metal detect them any more. As a result they are accumulating a large amount of targets in the play areas. Today I found a school with a gate open and proceeded to hunt the 4 woodchip boxes in the school. The...
  13. Two hours at my favorite site.....

    Awesome.....if you find 20 barbers only one will be that nice!