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  • I appreciate the sell. You packaged the item really good. I am already having a great experience cleaning all of my clad using the machine. It works really well for that.
    Cap 1 told me it is now their policy to charge 1% even though I was keeping an active checking account. Their excuse to me was that Brinks was charging them extra for the weight of the coins. It's all bullshit but I closed the account anyway. Good luck out there, Jim
    Hi Jim You mean Capital 1 is charging you to dump? even if you have an account? Something is wrong with that.
    Do you have ant Woodforest Banks in yourneck of the woods?
    I am supposed to pick up 2 boxes/week starting tomorrow.
    Yeah very slim pickins out there. I was running almost 20 boxes of halves per week, last year. I am down to maybe 1 per week now. But almost a blessing to get cut off, if you are not finding anything.... Right?
    Do you get mostly single or double stacked boxes? or bags?
    The new truck is a great way to realize your progress. Congrats.
    I spent some of mine on a motor home. Hope to hit the road after the first of the year.

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