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  1. Lost City of Paititi....................The greatest treasure hunt of our lifetime.

    Hello Kanacki My little lads are going well. I heard off Crow at christmas your youngest daughter has a baby on the way? So you and Lelani will be grandparents again. That will be grandchild number? Amy
  2. SEASON 8

    I do not post much these days by after reading such endless baseless claims going around in circles. I Felt a one and only reply in order. As a mum separating the boys fighting in the sand box. My 2 and 4 year boys play better than some people on this forum. :laughing7: I think you have to...
  3. Lost City of Paititi....................The greatest treasure hunt of our lifetime.

    Hello Phil I also did see several websites claiming that Paititi means "Home of the Jaguar Father". However out of curiosity I checked various Quechua dictionary sources. In Quechua "otorongo" means jaguar. " Tayta" mean father. "Wasi means Home/ house/ abode in Quechua. Searching through...
  4. Peralta Family

    Gollum I am not sure about documents pertaining to pre 1611? That 50 odd year window of time many documents most likely never survived from that date. Its good to know that record keeping and indexing of those records evolved over time. Many records was badly stored rotted away with damp and...
  5. Peralta Family

    Hello bill you might even also find in that archive mines pertaining to Tumacocori ? Amy
  6. Peralta Family

    Deducer. Thank you for the reply. Arizpe, Mexico rings bell but I cannot quite remember seeing a document. But I read through thousand of documents all as you can imagine are difficult to read. I will keep eye on any Peraltas from that area. Amy
  7. Peralta Family

    Hello John or Ed? You are correct. Province of Nueva Viscaya, which today consists of the states of Chihuahua, Durango, Sonora, Sinaloa and part of Coahuila. Amy
  8. Peralta Family

    Hello Again Two things to be aware when looking at original documents. Archaic Place name in context to Century in question and Spanish language. Most is written in fact dictated secretarial Spanish and few formal Spanish. Depending on Author and like old English with older documents, some...
  9. Peralta Family

    Hello Sdcfia Rightly so Parral was a rich sliver mining district in its own right. Lugar meaning place. Parral was the place of registration. As was other places under the title of lugar but not necessary the location of the of mine. Many indeed was in Parral as you right pointed out. Many...
  10. Peralta Family

    Hello All I do not know if this is relevant to Dutch hunters? But in course of researching through old Colonial Spanish mining records for some thing else. I came a cross a document dating back to 1668. Mentioning a mine owned by Pablo de Molina Ordaz y Peralta? Denuncio de una mina por...
  11. Misc data and adventures of a Tayopa treasure hunter

    Hello Don Jose. It been a long time. I am sorry to read about your loss. I am on quick visit to show some documents that can be found in the Archivo HistĂ³ricos Municipal de Hidalgo del Parral (Parral Archive) The archive spans a period between 1611 and 1821 and contains the civil colonial...
  12. Treasure Mountain, CO - Lost Frenchmens Gold

    Hello Mdog your observations right or wrong could be as correct and valid just as the many other 1 million and one versions of such a enigmatic puzzle? Sadly it may well be forever open to speculation? And that is problem of many treasure legends they taunt us of what if? While its fun to...
  13. Treasure Mountain, CO - Lost Frenchmens Gold

    Gentlemen you might find this story of interest in the Herald Democrat, April 27, 1892? Also this article may be of interest in the Weekly Ignacio Chieftain, September 24, 1915 Amy
  14. Seychelles...Olivier le Vasseur buried golden goblets, coins, diamonds ......

    Sadly its time again. Back to work again so see you all until next time.... Amy.
  15. The Treasure of El Pensamiento (including Ruminahuis stash)

    Once again my apologies for diverting away from the original Pensamiento topic... Amy