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  1. ⍰. Is any pointer better than the Carrot? ⍰

    I have and carry them both. The F-Pulse goes deeper and the White's TRX can hit tiny objects that the F-Pulse can miss.
  2. Beach Cleaning Robot in Brevard County Florida

    If they want to clean the beaches and raise awareness, have grocery store bag dispensers like the dog poop bag dispensers at the beach entrances for detectorists to use. Presto... clean beaches! It would be a lot cheaper for the county and much more efficient. We're going to remove all (or most)...
  3. Tek-Point falsing question.

    Most of the falsing problems have to do with the batteries being used. First check that the batteries are being held securely as mention above. The early models had a weaker spring that caused connection problems. That has been replaced with a more robust spring in current models. Also the...
  4. Possible 1715 artifact

    I'd take several of those older looking items to McClarty's. You may have found quite a bit of shipwreck items. Regardless, those are some cool finds!

    Charts and air tests are useful information, but those numbers change from targets in the ground, depending on ground mineralization, iron & trash levels, how long the item has been in the ground, and size of buried objects. The VDI numbers have as much to do with size of a target as they do the...
  6. equinox 600

    After doing your GB next to the water, turn on the Tracking Ground Balance and it will adjust as needed automatically.
  7. Coils and questions about depth

    In the simplest terms, detector depth capability is directly related to the conditions of the medium it is trying to penetrate. This is why "air tests" show much deeper capabilities than soil. With only air between the coil and a target, there is nothing to affect the transmitted and received...
  8. Coiltec 10x5

    You can just use your favorite settings with the 10x5 coil. It's a good idea to do a Factory Reset (FP) after you put the coil on and turn on the Nox for the first time, so write down any setting changes and User Preset settings to re-enter them after the reset. You'll love the 10x5. It hits...
  9. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    I appreciate all your hard work and I think it looks good. Well Done!
  10. Need another pin pointer

    The ProFind 35 is the only pinpointer currently available that discriminates that I've been able to find.
  11. Need another pin pointer

    Fisher F-Pulse. I have both, the Minelab ProFind 35 and F-Pluse. Minelab is VLF, Fisher is PI. Both are good on small targets. Both run quiet in saltwater. The Fisher is deeper by about 2 inches or more, depending on conditions.
  12. Wildlife encounters while MD-ing

    Last summer, my daughter and I were detecting at night on the SE coast of Florida at the water line when we noticed what looked like huge boulders in the water that weren't there when we started. I thought maybe the tide was still going out and uncovered the boulders, but then we could see they...
  13. equinox 600

    The Equnox and Vanquish detectors multifrequency capability will actually report any different metals present in a target. So if you are running your 600 with horseshoe off (iron tone off), rusty bottle caps tones will sound broken because the rust (iron oxide) will blank out as you scan the...
  14. My Coiltek 10 x 5 for my 800 arrived today

    I wouldn't worry too much about that. In my highly mineralized soil, the 10x5" hits as deep as my 11" does. I don't think I've dug any 8" or 9" dimes with either coil so far but I have hit them at 6-7" with both coils. The 11" coil may have a depth advantage in some soils, but from what I've...
  15. Equinox 800 weight do carbon fiber rods make any significant reduction in weight?

    Ditto that! Steve made me a 3-piece carbon fiber travel shaft with the counter balance so it would fit my height and swing perfectly and fits in my carry-on suitcase when broken down. He also made me two weight packets, one for the 11" and the added one to offset the 15" coil. It's some kind...