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  1. Civil War Relic?

    Somebody will chime in who knows more than I do. Nothing on the back that indicates it was a button, unless you maybe only have the front half of it.
  2. Civil War Relic?

    Welcome to TNet! What state are you hunting in? It looks like a Texas button. And, you should post a picture of the backside, and give the dimensions.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown handmade item

    This is the type of knife one would use with that bench.
  4. Never Seen Anything Like It!

    That thing is huge!
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown handmade item

    I forget the name, it holds things in place so you can use a draw knife on it. Sit on the bench, put your piece of wood that needs working under the iron piece, press the lever with your foot. Might be for making wooden shingles. They had similar things for fleshing pelts, but I think the...
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Long time lurker looking for identification help….

    I agree with Mackaydon's suggestion...looks like an early stirrup. This one is 18th century.
  7. Stone effigy

    Nah, you can do the math.
  8. Hello out there!

    Welcome from upstate NY! Congrats on your purchase and interest....Think about reading some local history, it will help you find sites to search.
  9. Stone effigy

    Here ya go, bud.
  10. Rick Astley

    We've been Rick-rolled!
  11. bunch of old paper currency?

    I like old paper, including old paper money.
  12. Bucket List Find, plus bonus!

    Great stuff! Looks like a place you could hit again!
  13. Plumber finds ‘bags and bags of cash’ hidden in walls of Joel Osteen’s church

    There are many, many poor churches. Lots of rich charlatans tho.
  14. found $3000.00 Cache in Abandoned Coal Mine Breast

    That would buy a lot of Yuengling!
  15. Plumber finds ‘bags and bags of cash’ hidden in walls of Joel Osteen’s church

    "About 500 envelopes fell out of the wall..."