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  • hey so i just left a message with the owner of the property at bloxam cuttoff and woodville hwy. So, we'll see. Finally found the number after about 3 months of searching for it! lol
    thanks for the ideas TTJNAYLOR ive actully been wanting to try and get permission from who ever i need it from to hunt at the old "newport ghost town" from 1800 s.
    If you know anyone with any fields that they plant that is a good place to search, someone had to drop something in the field. If you have a small boat you can float down the river or creek and search anything that looks like a swimming hole. Drive around and knock on doors to houses that look like they have any age to them.
    ok. I went to shell point once, i found $2 in change and a mountain of garbage. Sadly nothing old or valuable. Not worth the half-hour drive at all!
    i just started the tallahassee hunters club and im trying to get some time so ill be able to set something up for us all. i will let everyone know when things fall into place. it would also help to get ideas on where to go looking for treasures. ive only been out hunting about 6 times found stuff each time out but nothing special other than what ive uploaded.
    thanks man! I actually found two more knives from the Seminole War yesterday out back in my woods! I don't know tin Turpentine cups are worth anything, i think complete clay one might be worth $25 at most. I live a few minutes from Wakulla Station
    Hey Creature, you mentioned that a fort was a along the St marks river in a thread and you were trying to find the coordinates. Are you talking about Fort Stansbury? That fort is actually not along the river. Are your turpentine cups the tin or clay ones?
    im looking for information on where i can search and dig. i would like to know the history of the areas as well.
    found a knife in lime rock and clay, it says "steer" on the blade ,only one i found on the internet says late 70's early 80's
    i just joined last night. was wondering if turpintine cups are worth anything and what else i should look for in the area?
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