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  1. How to locate a gold vein?

    I've looked for quartz rocks in the river bed. Very very few compared to other rivers. One small piece of gold was a mix of dark red material surrounded by gold...
  2. How to locate a gold vein?

    Maybe a high banker needs to be tried there 😬. I will try to get my hands on one if possible.
  3. How to locate a gold vein?

    "Nuggets don't swim upstream, so go up that creek till you stop finding any…" Yes, I did that and I assume the area from where is digged out by the water. I digged around the big rocks there and on every shivel of material had some pieces of gold. Wondering if something more can be done ...
  4. How to locate a gold vein?

    Hello All, Since I started this gold prospecting hobby I've been on many river or creeks but just one of them makes me want to go more even if is not very close to my home town. The nuggets found there have irregularly shapes, not rounded and plate as from other rivers. Some nearby residents...
  5. Real gold?

    A manual sand sucker (pump) and a high banker with 2 pumps is on his way 😎. Hopefully in 2 wks time after my vacation I will go again there.
  6. Real gold?

    Same spot, biģgest so far, ~4mm 😬
  7. Real gold?

    Prospecting in my country can be considered illegal...😞 There is a mining law but this can be interpreted. With a pan or a mini sluice box you can argue it is a hobby if you are discovered by forest rangers or someone else.
  8. Real gold?

    Raw material. Next time I will try to reduce by panning half. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Real gold?

    A new batch from ~3kgs of sand I took from a small river. Small pieces but still is something 😬.
  10. Pyrite or gold in the rock?

    Yes is pyrite indeed. I checked with magnet and is weekly attracted. Thank you for your previous comment.
  11. Real gold?

    Thank you for reply. It is my first time panning. I have processed something like a bucket of material from river bed. I look forward to go once again in same area.
  12. Pyrite or gold in the rock?

    Hello, Found this type of rocks in the river. Could gather a lot of them. Can it be gold or is pyrite? Thanks.
  13. Real gold?

    Some closer photos
  14. Real gold?

    Hello All, It is my first time I've tried gold panning with the panning set from XP. I have found this tiny pieces (0.5-1mm) and took them home. Is it gold or pyrite? Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. DDS waveform frequency generator for LRL

    New improved version 8-)